A Natural Relief Journey

The experience of being bed ridden and feeling absolutely dreadful, will make anyone beg the pain to just please go away. You have now achieved less income due to sick days from work. Which is also accompanied by less money in your wallet from drug store products you purchased. It’s quite certain that we all could have conjured up something better to do with our time and money. Those exact moments highly motivated me towards a more appealing experience with natural relief and prevention.

Several common questions have a tendency to arise when bodily symptoms persist. How did I get sick? What should I take? How long will I feel this way? I’ve discovered attaining knowledge of natural remedies is quite similar to possessing the book of answers...

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Natural Cures

A mere 40 years ago, and for thousands of years before that, the majority of healing was pretty much  a do- it- yourself enterprise. Scientist’s have since discovered herbal remedies from traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. They’ve unearthed healing wisdom, born of necessity, that Native Americans and North American pioneers handed down from generation to generation. Natural cures have carried us through history, from the era of Hippocrates to the battlefields of World War I, to the backyard gardens of 21st century herbal healers.

So why are they used so infrequently today? Over time, as researchers discovered effective new drugs,   treatments and “procedures” for remedying diseases and injuries, we lost the need, and the know how and confidence, for using natural cures to treat comm...

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How To Relieve A Cold

We’ve all had those days, rolling over silencing our alarm clock and wondering why you feel completely exhausted, like you haven’t slept in days. Then you sit up, getting that rush of excruciating pain and throbbing in your head. Lets not forget the miserable sinus pressure and scratchy, dry, throat. You got it! That sneaky virus gave you all the common cold symptoms. What a way to start the day. Here comes the doctor visit and less money in your wallet.

Imagine if you could skip the expensive doctor visit and the wait for your over priced prescriptions. Actually, You Can! We all have the ability to provide our body with everything we need to achieve a Natural Cold Relief. We just have to know how to do it.

All natural cold remedies have been used throughout history in multiple countries...

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